Mission Statement

Here at E-Force our reputation for completing contracts on time and within budget is well founded.

It is based not only on our experience and commitment to the constant refinement of the Installation Processes but also to the tracking of rapidly developing technologies in our industries.

Indeed our reputation is based on not only on our ability to respond to changes in the marketplace but also to anticipate them.

Company Overview

Formerly the installation divisions of Elsag Bailey / ABB, E-Force Installation Ltd is committed to providing quality installation, Design and Commissioning Services in one of the most diverse and demanding sectors of modern industry – Electrical and Instrumental Engineering

Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment are paramount concerns and our reputation regarding these areas is thus far impeccable.

We posses over 80 years of combined experience in live and minimum outage changeovers on extremely complex Distribution Controlled Systems. In addition we provide full Electrical, Control System, Instrumentation and Domain expertise in all industries, including Installation and Commissioning services from conception to completion.

Integrity and Confidentiality

Integrity is key to our company’s rapidly expanding reputation. We pride ourselves on our ethical standards both as individuals and as a professional company.

As such, we fully endorse the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement where future prospective customers are concerned.

Suffice to say that all representatives of E-Force Installation Limited maintain the highest level of confidentiality at all times concerning any of the information disclosed to them.

Our business principles exist on a framework of honesty and fairness and we seek to implement these high business ethic standards on all of our contracts.

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